Terms  & Conditions




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By signing our agreement, you have read, and you have acknowledged the following terms and conditions:  


The Paw Concierge will transport (1) pet (s) weighing no more than 19.9 lb. (overweight fee applies to pets 20+ lb or over 14" tall and must be pre-approved). At pickup and prior to transport, if pet is deemed over-sized, a fee will be assessed (fee varies) and must be paid before pet is received or released from/by Paw Concierge. If there are two animals traveling, both must fit in the 

approved airline carrier and weight must not exceed 19.9 lbs. There is an additional fee for multiple pets. 

We will make every effort to confirm the most economical option for flights possible, however since Paw Concierge works with all major airlines, it is up to our discretion which airline we choose on any given route.


During the journey, your pet will always be accompanied by a Paw Concierge. Your pet will be removed from their carrier and carried by a Paw Concierge through the metal detector at the airport. After the Paw Concierge and pet have cleared security, they will be placed back into the carrier. Your pet will be, comforted, fed, and given water as needed.  


If a pet is unaccustomed to a carrier or people and the Paw Concierge cannot take the pet out of the carrier, or once cleared the metal detector, cannot place the pet back in the carrier to be cleared through security, the pet will not be transported, and we will not be able to issue a refund. If while in transit an incident such as biting or destruction of the carrier occur, the owner of the pet will be responsible for all associated bills and fees. All must be paid prior to the release of the pet.


In some instances, with owners consent the pet (s) may have to overnight with their Paw Concierge.


We cannot guarantee any pets health and we cannot be held responsible for the pets appearance. We can report any concerns about the pets conditions or appearance to the new owner(s).


It is especially important that the Shipper and Receiver arrive at the airport at the time specified to pick-up and / or drop-off with their designated Paw Concierge. If the shipper or receiver is not on time and arrives more than 29 minutes late of the agreed upon time, a late fee of $200 is imposed to accommodate the Paw Concierge and must be paid prior to us receiving or releasing a pet. 


After the schedule agreement is signed and payment is made, rescheduling will likely incur a fee, therefore please ensure you and the seller or buyer have agreed to the scheduled delivery and times.  

Scheduling changes due to the Airline are completely out of the control of the Paw Concierge, however, will be communicated as soon as possible to all parties. Rescheduling that occurs due to an Airline will be accommodated for transports, however no refunds will be permitted unless we cannot reschedule the deliver within two weeks. Due to the nature of our business, if a transport is cancelled by the shipper or receiver there will be NO Refund issued. To keep our prices competitive, we use many methods including but not limited to the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets, therefore we are unable to provide refunds of any kind.  


The crate / carrier that the Paw Concierge utilizes during your transport is included in the cost of transport, however the crate / carrier is retained by the Paw Concierge at end of transport. Please ensure that the person who is picking up the pet has their own crate or halter / leash for their new pet. If (2) pets are traveling together in the carrier the 2nd animal is an additional $150. You may provide your own crate / carrier; however, it must be airline approved, typically that equates to a soft-sided crate / carrier and cannot be larger than 18L x 12H x 12W (pre-approval needed for owner supplied carriers).